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I am a self taught artist.


I spent most of my life believing I was not a creative person. In my mid-30's, I decided to challenge that assumption by renting a studio space with some friends and starting to experiment with blank canvases and colourful paint.


It was a revelation. And it continues to be a leap of faith.


Cultivating an artistic practice grounds, stretches and inspires me. Painting invites me to see the world - and myself - differently. It encourages me to slow down and let go of outcomes, achievement and perfection. It connects me with the natural world.


It reminds that we are all creative beings, with an innate ability to be artists. 


For the first ten years of my practice, I shared space in the 1000 Parker Street building in East Vancouver, and participated in the Eastside Culture Crawl. In 2021, I joined the community of artists and makers at Rock Bay Square in Victoria. We host an annual Open House in November every year, and occasional smaller events.


Private studio visits can be arranged upon request. Save the date for next year's Rock Bay Open House on November 2, 2024 from 10am to 4:30pm. Admission is free!

You can also view my creative work and purchase original pieces and prints online.

Contact me with questions or to express interest in one of my pieces!


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