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Do you want to grow your leadership skills in an authentic and practical way? 

Have you taken on a new role or opportunity that is stretching and challenging you?

Or perhaps you sense it's time for change in your personal or professional life...  


Coaching recognizes each person as the expert of their own life, and facilitates the discovery of self-generated solutions. I work with clients as whole people (not just professionals), and proactively integrate a focus on systemic issues related to power, equity, and justice. Together, we will create a learning partnership that supports you to slow down, reflect, experiment, and embody new ways of being in the world. We will first recognize and build on your strengths, and then intentionally develop practices, mindsets, and behaviours that increase your impact.

My offerings include one-on-one leadership coaching, team coaching, and mentor coaching. I enjoy supporting 360 leadership reviews, and using assessments such as EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 (focused on emotional intelligence), Strengths Finder, and ILS (focused on interpersonal leadership styles) to better understand your strengths and development opportunities.


"Lynda always meets me where I am without imposing her own beliefs and ideas. She is masterful at establishing a sense of trust which allows real conversations to take place. Lynda asks great questions and knows when to step in and when to step back."

    - Navida Nuraney, former Executive Director, ArtStarts in Schools


"Coaching sessions with Lynda are a highlight of my week - full of reflection, celebration, insight and inspiration. Her powerful questions, authentic support, warmth and expertise enable me to shift my perspective and advance my goals." 

    - Vanessa Timmer, Executive Director, One Earth


I serve clients virtually via phone or Zoom, and offer a sliding scale fee structure.

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