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As a consultant, I specialize in designing and leading participatory group processes that increase the health and effectiveness of teams and organizations. I support teams and organizations to find their way through complex times by engaging in inquiry and dialogue that open up new possibilities and solutions.


My consulting approach is highly collaborative and data-driven, and is informed by my long-standing commitment to anti-oppression and social justice. I am passionate about helping people better navigate change and uncertainty, so they can address seemingly intractable issues together. I partner with clients to explore challenging situations, gather new information and perspectives, analyze root causes, and design powerful interventions that catalyze sustainable change. I customize my approach for each unique client situation; intentionally paying attention to both strategic issues and human dynamics.


Here's what my clients say about working with me:


"Lynda helped us express our deepest values as an organization. She then helped us use those as a basis for a plan that directs our organization to this day. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with this thoughtful, engaging & inspiring facilitator." 

- Marc Schutzbank, Co-Executive Director, Fresh Roots


“Our team, themselves master facilitators, wanted to bring someone in who could challenge us and get our creative energy flowing. Lynda created an agenda that allowed us to have critical conversations, a flexible framework that let us go where we needed to, and activities that enabled the formation of stronger relationships.”

- Jodi Little, Performance Management Division, BC Public Service Agency


Contact me to learn more and explore my potential fit with your team.

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